Sunday, June 26, 2011

Isn't it time you discovered YOU!

My name is Lidia, my friends call me Elle.

Get ready to start your day!
I greet each New Morning with gratitude and a smile.

As with my stained glass, I have a passion for jewelry and have been creating designs and selling with galleries for many years. Just recently, some friends convinced me to open an Etsy shop. At first I was hesitant, knowing the tremendous amount of time it takes to manage an Etsy shop since I started with my stained glass a couple of years ago. Was I crazy!! Well, I decided to open up the first Etsy jewelry shop last year with my partner, and daughter, and we created Perfect Pair Jewelry. Here we offer one-of-a-kind industrial hardware washer jewelry, and incorporating my daughter’s artistic talent, her wonderful hand painted pieces. I admire her passion for detail and also her humor. Here is one of my favorite pieces.

So if that wasn’t enough, I introduced New Morning Jewelry to Etsy in May 2011.
I personally create every piece of jewelry with the highest quality .925 sterling silver.
and incorporate gem stones, hand formed and hammered sterling embellishments, and sometimes copper for contrast.
I find the early morning is the best light for photographing my work and it is the peak time for my creativity, so it seemed fitting that New Morning Jewelry be the name of my shop.

I love everything organic, minimalism, and working with my hands, especially making glass and jewelry.

I do what I love, and love what I do.
Ever since I can remember, I have been inspired by all the art and beauty in the Universe, and I bring this energy into my jewelry creations. An artist herself, my mother was my greatest influence, inspiration, and strength and taught me to always "make it my own".

My favorite quote: "Today I fulfill my creative side. I want to bloom wherever I am planted!" - Louise L. Hay

So, weather you’re into the industrial look or the “Real” or “Desperate Housewife” and love the delicate side of sterling silver and gems, be sure to check out my great selection of handmade jewelry. It’s simple, classic, and uniquely handcrafted that is affordable and you can wear every day. Brighten up your day and be on the look out for more fresh ideas and designs.

I am very passionate about supporting the handmade movement. Where else can you find jewelry that is fashionable and modern looking but not too expensive, and most of all, made by hand especially for you.

What kind of jewelry do you like to wear?
Just drop me a note and I would be happy to create a piece especially for you.

Please follow us on Face Book:
Perfect Pair Jewelry
New Morning Jewelry

Friday, March 4, 2011

Japanese Magic

A new Etsy treasury has featured our Japanese Cherry Blossom pendant.

Curated by AngelaDesign.
Please visit her treasury and leave a comment.

Check out Perfect Pair Jewelry shop on Etsy for more selections on some awesome one of a kind pieces.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hand Painted Feng Shui Jewelry

Color is one of the most powerful of energies in the practice of Feng Shui.
Wearing certain colors will can affect your chi - your life's energy and enhance your mood.

We at Perfect Pair Jewelry understand the importance of color vibration and we bring this creativity into our jewelry.

We are the Perfect Pair, mother/daughter artistic team, Lidia and Laura.
We each have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design, and we bring this creativity into our jewelry.
Lidia has practiced the art of Feng Shui for many years and has taught at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio
Laura brings in her painting expertise and her very eclectic design style.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is all about how to improve your life through balance and harmony and we appreciate this theory. This is achieved through vibrations of color, shape, placement, and the 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.,and we have incorporated this into our jewelry.

The circle means harmony and unity, and it is the reason we have chosen this shape for our jewelry.
All of our jewelry is created from a steel or brass hardware washer, hand painted with alcohol inks, and a 24k gold and silver leaf is often added to the design and sealed with several coatings of a clear diamond glaze which takes several days to complete.
We also use the finest high quality sterling silver findings, decorative beads, and a genuine 1mm round leather lace cord.

As with all of our original and unique jewelry, yours comes complete with a free gift box and free U.S. shipping, and most of all, it is charged with positive vibrations.

We have new one of a kind pieces our Etsy shop daily.
On occasion we will offer certain specials and sales so be sure to join our Face Book page so that you don't miss out on owning a Perfect Pair original.

We would love feedback about our new look and we also welcome custom orders.
Now offering earrings, pendants and soon to come, bracelets.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Indigenous, February Newsletter

the indigenous leaflet of LOVE
...for all of the lovebirds out there! February 2011
Good Lovin Turtle Dovin' by Charley Harper

Good Lovin' & Turtle Dovin' ~ a classic lithograph from beloved Cincinnatian, Charley Harper. One of his many works that capture some our favorite LOVE Birds!

What a perfect time to remember the ones you LOVE.....

Valentine's Day is Monday, February 14th.
And we have just the heARTfelt piece for each love in your life. Showcasing more than 150 artists everyday, we are sure to have something for every love!

Let us help you find that sweet gift and we'll add our beautiful gift-wrapping to seal the deal. Check out the LOVEFEST below for inspiration.
So many ways to say "I heART you"...

new series of scrabble tile jewelry - pendant or earrings, just $17
Stefani & Mark McCune

teeny tiny beads set off this lovely polymer clay heart pin
Amy Wallace
from the newest designs - Love Doves by Dawn Estrin & George Wilson
Dawn Estrin & George Wilson
Lovebirds encased in glass - one of many reversible pendants by Kristi Shapla
Kristi Shapla
"Our Two Hearts" pendant ~ simple & beautiful
Judy Vilmain
Nawal & Karim Motawi
starting at $10 - lovely, plump lil' heart paperweights by Larry Mack
Larry Mack

this Watch Heart is designed to protect your relationships ~ come in to find out about the legend of this dazzling glass heart!
Meredith Wenzel

dleightful swirls of love in this silver heart pendant by Linda Stiles Smith
Linda Stiles Smith
more new + exciting heARTfelt creations...
~Jan CarsonThe newest silk mobile from Jan Carson
Our own forest canopy of Jan Carson's mobiles have arrived. Jan creates stunning kinetic sculptures with sweeping branches and stylized leaves. Each is made with hand-dyed and lightly starched silk with fine gauge stainless wire. Pick her Classic leaf design, Gingko, Aspen, or Japanese Maple. They're all so lovely, its hard to have a favorite.
One tree is planted for every mobile sold through the artists' partnership with American Forests/Global ReLeaf. Now that is leafy love!
~Tori & Jim Mullan
charming treasure boxes for all your secret love notes & trinkets!part of the Mullanium 2011 collection!   maybe spring IS just around the corner!
Take a little vintage, a bit of nostalgia, mix with a love of nature, then toss in a modern sensibility and you have the "Mullanium" collection! Their earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and pins are all created with a medley of metals, some are painted and textured with glass or pearl accents to complete these timeless pieces! A sweet lil' Wish Box might be on her wish list? A little surprise is inside each box, with plenty of room left to add your wishes!
~Glenda Suttman
spring-like bowls and platters by Glenda Suttmanlustrous midnight blue from Glenda SuttmanGlenda the Good Witch (GGW), as she is affectionately known, creates organic forms that are highly textured and fully functional. She is influenced by flowers, a love of textures, and time spent in her mother's bakery. She compares many of her hand-building techniques to those used in baking, but without the calories!
~Lidia Anderson
Predominantly Square stained glass panel from Lidia Anderson
Lidia is making it much easier for us to pretend we have a warm, bright, spring-like sun shining through our front windows with her new collection of happy, colorful stained glass. Add one of her window panels or suncatchers to your home and guarantee an uplifted mood for all!
~Aaron Rubinstein
Fresh water pearls set in sterling by Aaron Rubinsteinone of many beautiful sterling necklaces with messages in HebrewCincinnati legend Aaron Rubinstein has wowed us once again with a delivery of sterling, pearl, and semi-precious stone pieces. Contemporary, classic, and beautiful. See our newest collection of Judaic-themed works, like this pendant that reads "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine" - truly romantic!
~Scott Weaver
a new spring bird by Scott WeaverA fresh batch of classic art tiles from Scott Weaver have just arrived that features birds, flowers, and woodland creatures. If that's not exciting enough... Mark your calendars ~ our spectacular artTILE exhibit returns in May! Last years show brought us more than 1000 handmade artTILES from 35 artists to share with you. Expect new artists and more fabulous designs this year!
~Kristi ShaplaLovebirds & Poetry - with teeny tiny locket!
Kristi Shapla - bicycle built for two!Love the romance of a bygone era? So does Kristi Shapla with her series of vintage-inspired reversible pendants and earrings. So many happy lovebirds ~ this one with a tiny locket charm. Kristi uses locally sourced, recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible, framing each piece with high quality, lead-free silver alloy solder. What is more romantic than a bicycle built for two?
~Jim & Sue Aufderhaar
waterfall of beaded jewelry included in the 50% off sale!H U G E half-off S a l e
The annual sale of discontinued designs from Basic Elements jewelry line is underway - 50% off. Find great deals on beautiful beaded pieces with semi-precious stones, fresh-water pearls, irridized glass, shell, and other natural elements. We're making room for the new designs ...coming soon!
SWEET arts, heART-warming crafts, & LOVEly jewelry arriving daily~handcrafted is always heARTfelt and sends just the right message of love to the ones in your heart!
nk you for your continued patronage of indigenous and your support of our artists and their creative endeavors! Your purchase of locally made works help continue the tradition of fine, American crafts. Our dearest customers - you put a feather in our cap!
swirly rainbow heart by Steven Maslachindigenous, a handcrafted gallery
2010 Madison Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208

Next week we have extra hours for easy shopping:
Tuesday 10-8
Wednesday 10-8
Thursday 10-8
Friday 10-8
Saturday 10-6
Sunday 12-5
Monday 10-8 Valentine's Day! yes, we love love!

For the rest of February~~~our wintry hours are Monday - Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5

let art be part of your nature.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Face Lift

Probably the greatest artistic influence in my life was my mother. She painted, and sewed, and did Ukrainian cross stitch to perfection. My mother was very detailed in her work, being an electrical engineer herself at a time in Europe and everywhere where that profession that did not cater to women.

I remember when I was about 3 years old and we lived in Sydney, Australia, my mum would take me to a park to feed ducks during her break from work and mine from Preschool, and we would sit by the pond and paint pictures together. I always marveled at how good she was and I wanted to be good at painting too. I would get so frustrated when my pictures didn’t look like hers. She would always tell me, “Paint what YOU see and make it your own and it will be good”.

Even though my mother passed away 26 years ago, I hear her telling me every day to “Make it my own”.

These words of inspiration have carried me through a lifetime. “Art is in the eye of the beholder”, yes? I know that’s what she was telling me all this time.

I have such a passion for art, all forms, and I wish I could do it all, but life gives us such a short time. As Dr. Wayne Dyer would say, “Don’t die with the music still in you”.

I have a lot of “music” in me and I hope you enjoy my expression of this art form.

I have hand painted designs, and sometimes words of inspiration, and sealed them with several coatings of a diamond glaze over a metal hardware washer and created one of a kind pendants and earrings. I often paint between the layers of glaze to achieve a slight 3D or shadow effect. I also look for interesting paper and fabric to attain a certain texture then “make it my own” with layered painting.

Here is a preview of some of the new jewelry soon to be on Etsy.

We currently are having a 50% off sale in the Perfect Pair Jewelry shop on Etsy. Use coupon code FACELIFT50 in checkout to get the discount.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Perfect Pair

Perfect Pair Jewelry

Are you ready for something completely different?

We are the Perfect Pair, mother/daughter artistic team, Lidia and Laura.

We are new to Etsy with own jewelry line, our designs have been very popular with various galleries in the U.S. and we have exhibited in many art shows across the nation.
We love contemporary and edgy designs that show off our very eclectic style.

Here are the Perfect Pair of earrings that fits your personal style!
They are Fun, Fresh, and Fabulous, and one- of- a- kind handmade
wearable art.
Perfect Pair earrings are meticulously hand crafted, and solder sculpted with a silver alloy over thin brass and are completely lead-free. The earrings often include natural and glass beads, and a fine black chain. They are then finished with a black patina and polished for a gunmetal appearance.
Own something special and unique!

Receive updates about my newest items: RSS feed

Friday, September 17, 2010


It was such an honor for me to be chosen to write a tutorial for Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall issue.

Glass Patterns Quarterly is the #1 Leading International Glass Patterns Magazine. The magazine features stained glass patterns, glass patterns, free stained glass patterns, craft patterns, free craft patterns, and instructions for glass.

My tutorial is a step by step instruction on creating a stained glass Moravian star.
So for all you star lovers, get your magazine, your glass, and your soldering iron and get busy making all your Holiday gifts.

Happy Reading and Happy Making.
I hope you will please let me know what you think of the article.

My Moravian stars are also available to purchase in my Etsy shop.

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