Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hand Painted Feng Shui Jewelry

Color is one of the most powerful of energies in the practice of Feng Shui.
Wearing certain colors will can affect your chi - your life's energy and enhance your mood.

We at Perfect Pair Jewelry understand the importance of color vibration and we bring this creativity into our jewelry.

We are the Perfect Pair, mother/daughter artistic team, Lidia and Laura.
We each have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design, and we bring this creativity into our jewelry.
Lidia has practiced the art of Feng Shui for many years and has taught at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio
Laura brings in her painting expertise and her very eclectic design style.

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is all about how to improve your life through balance and harmony and we appreciate this theory. This is achieved through vibrations of color, shape, placement, and the 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.,and we have incorporated this into our jewelry.

The circle means harmony and unity, and it is the reason we have chosen this shape for our jewelry.
All of our jewelry is created from a steel or brass hardware washer, hand painted with alcohol inks, and a 24k gold and silver leaf is often added to the design and sealed with several coatings of a clear diamond glaze which takes several days to complete.
We also use the finest high quality sterling silver findings, decorative beads, and a genuine 1mm round leather lace cord.

As with all of our original and unique jewelry, yours comes complete with a free gift box and free U.S. shipping, and most of all, it is charged with positive vibrations.

We have new one of a kind pieces our Etsy shop daily.
On occasion we will offer certain specials and sales so be sure to join our Face Book page so that you don't miss out on owning a Perfect Pair original.

We would love feedback about our new look and we also welcome custom orders.
Now offering earrings, pendants and soon to come, bracelets.

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