Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Artist Gallery Reception

A wonderful evening at the Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio
July 18, 2009.
My first G'Baby (granddaughter), Lucy Monet Anderson, named after the artist, Claude Monet, 5 months old.
This was her first trip to a gallery reception and many more to come.

"Wind and Water"
This is my stained glass window which is on exhibit at the Mac Worthington Gallery until the end of July, 2009.
This window is part of my signature series with the split image theme and incorporating metal overlays and solder sculpting.
The principles of Feng Shui, meaning wind and water, was the inspiration behind this piece. Wind, on the left side, is represented by turbulence and movement in the glass with design and color. On the right is the calm "water" side with dichroic glass "bubbles".
It was so much fun designing this window.

This is a shot taken in the gallery and shows a small sample of the beautiful art being represented.

Upper level of the gallery shows mostly the sculptural work of Mac Worthington. Mac's work is recognized world wide and I am privileged to show my art in his gallery.

Here is a small sample of of Mac Worthington's sculptures that are currently in his gallery.
For more information on the Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art please visit his web site at:
I will be exhibiting here every month through December 2009.

I hope you enjoyed all these pictures.


  1. Hi Lidia, Your designs are gorgeous!! Congrats on the exhibition, beautiful pics too. Your granddaughter is so cute!!

  2. Thanks Brenda,
    I appreciate your support.