Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Modern Marbles An Exhibition at Indigenous Gallery

Indigenous, A Handcrafted Gallery, is located in O'Byonville, Ohio, within minutes of Cincinnati.

I have had the pleasure of exhibiting and selling my work at Indigenous for more than two years.
The gallery space is enormous with glass wall on three sides, which I love because of
being able to showcase my stained glass.

I urge anyone near or traveling to Cincinnati to stop by and see this marble exhibition. It will be a feast for the senses.

Modern Marbles 2009!

An entire exhibit dedicated
of handmade
art glass marbles made by the hottest glass artists!
indigenous will be exhibiting HUNDREDS of handmade art glass marbles created by 20 of the HOTTEST marble makers! The MANIA begins AUGUST 7 and rolls on through September 9 with many magnificent moments planned throughout- don't miss a minute of MODERN MARBLES. The Hot! Marble Party, on Thursday, August 20 promises spicy treats, cool wine, and a HOT marble making demonstration by Cincinnati glass artist, Mike Mount!
Visit often to marvel at the marvelous marbles and take a guess at the jar of marbles- if you correctly guess how many are in the jar you WIN them ALL!
Artists deliver new work everyday- you'll never know what you might find, so visit soon and often!

Chris + Jackie Rice
Chris & Jackie Rice 3D frog marble
Jody Fine
Jodi Fine Mongo Marble
Fritz Lauenstein
Fritz Lauenstein Reverse twist
Larry Zengel & Brett Young
Larry Zengel & Brett Young Super Rainbow Twist
Karen Federici
Karen Federici Half & Half
Jody Fine
Jodi Fine Twisted Marble Pot
Geoffrey Beetem
Geoffrey Beetem New Earth dichroic marble
Fritz Lauenstein
Fritz Lauenstein Joseph Coat Untwisted Marble Bowl
David Salazar
David Salazar Moon & Stars Marble
Jodi Fine
Jodi Fine Marble Wine Bottle Stopper
Aline Peterson Aline Peterson Dichroic Patterned Marble medley
David Salazar David Salazar Undersea with Fish
Fritz Lauenstein
Fritz Lauenstein Joseph Coat Twisted Vases
Cathy Richardson
Cathy Richardson Coral Reef swimmers
want to find out more?

Mike Mount Super Fumed Bubble Vortex
MIKE MOUNT, Cincinnati's sensational glass artist, will be demonstrating the magic of marble-making during the
HOT! Marble Party - THURSDAY AUGUST 20.
Join your friends from 5 to 8 for an evening on the town!

Kris Parke Black & White Graphics
exhibit at MODERN MARBLES!
Kris Parke, of Cortland, Ohio joins the marvelous marble artists who show their work at indigenous! These black and white graphic marbles are the perfect addition to every marble collection or an amazing beginning.

Geoffrey Beetem Stardust Lutz collection Everytime you purchase a fabulous marble from the MODERN MARBLE exhibit you can take a guess of how many toy marbles are in the jar- if you guess correctly you WIN THEM ALL!

Geoffrey Beetem in progressHOT!
One of our faves, Geoffery Beetem , shows the finishing stages of another amazing marble!

Larry Zengel & Brett Young marble medley

exhibitng artists:
Geoffrey Beetem of Athens, OHIO
Karen + Richard Federici of Vineland, NJ
Jody Fine of Mason, MI
Kris Kailholz + Pat Hager of Cincinnati, OHIO
Sayuri Kingsbury of West Barnstable, MA
Fritz Lauenstein of Dennisport, MA
Steven Maslach of Bainbridge Island, WA
Shawn Messenger of Toledo, OHIO
Mike + Jamie Mount of Cincinnati, OHIO
Kris + Amy Parke of Cortland, OHIO
Aline Peterson of Chagrin Falls, OHIO
Chris + Jackie Rice of Boonville, NY
Cathy Richardson of Winona, MN
David Salazar of Santa Cruz, CA
Eddie Seese of Belmont, WV
Rod Sounik of Columbus, OHIO
Larry Zengel + Brett Young of Bowling Green, OHIO

Larry Zengel & Brett Young Plaidicino & Wild Stripes

Steven Maslach forming marble off end of cane work
Steven Maslach forms his signature marble from the end of one of his classic red rainbow canes.
MODERN MARBLES August 7 - September 9
indigenous logo
in the heart of O'Bryonville at
2010 Madison Rd Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
open 7 days a week! Mon-Sat 10-8, Sun 12-5


  1. As a child, I loved, loved, loved marbles! (saddly, they're all gone...) And not just to play with them. I had some cool antique marbles that I could just sit and look at all day. A blogger friend of mine is a glassblower in Pensacola, Florida, and he's sent me one of his marvelous (humongous) marbles as a prize. I. Love. It!
    Too bad I'm not going to be anywhere near Cincinnati anytime soon, that's an exhibit I would really enjoy.

  2. I know what you mean.
    My fondest memories about being with my brother, whom I dearly loved, was playing with marbles. We had so much fun. I always wondered how they were made. These are true artists and these marbles are exquisite!.
    Unfortunately, I will not be able to get to this exhibition, even with being 2 hours from Cincinnati.
    I wish all the artists the best.
    Thanks for you comment, Jewels. Can't wait to pay it forward.