Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And the winner is...

The winning title is:


Submitted by Heidi. Please visit Heidi's ETSY SHOP

Congratulations to Heidi.

I want to thank everyone who submitted their suggestions for a title.
Here are the other names: it was a hard choice.

"Industrial Revolution Entertainment Center"

"The Story Within"

"Through the Looking Glass"

"Pick Up Sticks"


Spectral Analysis
View Toward Infinity
The Colors of Joy
Hidden Dimensions
Free Fall

"Geometric splendor"
"Dreams of Geometric clarity"(Frank Lloyd wright inspired)
"Prairie desires"
"Froebel Gifts appreciated"
"Lieber Meister gratitude" (dear master)



Beyond Reality
Alone Together
Gentle Rain
Memories of Tomorrow
Autumn Nocturn

Shades of Mondrian

"Deco" Page

Dimensional Beauty
Encased Color

"Through The Looking Glass"
"The 4th Demension"
"Color Squared"


Mondrian (as in Piet)

piet meets frank
(as in mondrian meets lloyd wright)

simply stated
color simplified
spectrum in primary
prism fantasia

Multi - Dimensional Pay it Forward progressive"


"progressive descendant").


Glass within"

Thank You Friends and Fans.

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  1. DalkullanJewelry
    View Toward Infinity was 32 on my list.
    Thanks so much for your kindness.