Sunday, September 27, 2009

Contest, I need a name for my window.

I have a dilemma!
I just finished making this stained glass window that will be on exhibit at the Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art in Columbus, Ohio for the month of October.
This window needs a name by 10 PM Monday evening so that it can be posted on line for the virtual gallery tour.

I need something that will knock their socks off.

I am conducting a contest for the best title.

And the prize is...

The winning title that I will choose for this window will receive this beautiful glass winged butterfly. It is also available in my Etsy shop.
There is no limit on how many titles you enter, just simply comment on this post for your chance to win.
The winner will be announced and the butterfly will be shipped during the 1st week of October.
Good Luck, and give me the best you've got.
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  1. How about "Industrial Revolution Entertainment Center" as a name for your window?


    P.S. I love the butterfly, too!

  2. Gorgeous work, stunning looking!!!

    Hmmm a title you say - how about "The Story Within" - thats the best I can come up with on the spot (ps I am pretty bad with naming my own artwork, I struggle constantly!)

    Congrats! on the exhibition - and good luck with finding a fitting title for this magic artwork!

  3. I love this one Lidia, what talent you have!
    Here's my go for a matching flutterby - "Through the Looking Glass" or "Pick Up Sticks"
    Might get my boys to come up with some later!


  4. Thanks to everyone so far.
    We'll see what I decide tonight.

  5. This is just beautiful. How about "Directions"

  6. Very good possibilities, Claytastic. Thanks.

  7. Here's my efforts:

    Spectral Analysis
    View Towards Infinity
    The Colors of Joy
    Hidden Dimensions
    Free Fall

    That was fun, thanks for having this contest, the winner is going to get an amazing prize!

  8. "Geometric splendor"
    "Dreams of Geometric clarity"(Frank Lloyd wright inspired)
    "Prairie desires"
    "Froebel Gifts appreciated"
    "Lieber Meister gratitude" (dear master)
    I could go on. Your designs remind me so much of Frank Lloyd wright. We have several of his creations here in Buffalo, Gray cliff, the sullivan house,the George and Delta Barton House ,the Larkin Building ,and more.

  9. Ibreak4glass Thank you so much for all your suggestions.
    I like to think that I have simplified in my designs, but not in the process of making it right?

  10. How about "intersection" or "paradigm"?

  11. Hi lizziboo,
    These are great, so glad you could comment.

  12. It's simply gorgeous! Here's a couple of names that come to my mind when looking at it:

    Beyond Reality
    Alone Together
    Gentle Rain
    Memories of Tomorrow
    Autumn Nocturn

  13. Shades of Mondrian
    "Deco" Page (a play on words, the window has an Art Deco feel, "Page" means page in French, you would pronounce it like "D├ęcoupage", except for the "oo" part, that would just be "O"

    Or how about "The Red Square", since there just happens to be one in this piece.

    P.S.: Just so you know, my word veri was 'cortize', which instantly made me think "Hey! That would be a cool name". Too much? ;p

  14. It's beautiful and it's the artist's work that is the key, but thank you for letting us suggest names.

    Dimensional Beauty
    Encased Color

  15. hhmmm...

    "Through The Looking Glass"
    "The 4th Demension"
    "Color Squared" don't know how to make my computer do the little 2
    In Hindu mythology, the rainbow is called "Indradhanush"
    "Moonbow" is a night time rainbow

    Yikes, I'll have to think!
    ~Michele - ByYourSide2009 on Twitter!

  16. Hello! Very nice piece. Here are my suggestions:

    Mondrian (as in Piet)

    I'll also retweet!


  17. Thanks Jodee. I appreciate these suggestions.

  18. Someone else's window

    I'm from Love Abounds on facebook BTW

  19. piet meets frank
    (as in mondrian meets lloyd wright)

    this reminds me of both artists as i have spent many, many hours at the art institute of chicago looking at both of their many pieces exhibited there

  20. simply stated
    color simplified
    spectrum in primary
    prism fantasia

  21. All this is making my head spin!!

  22. LOL! Just peeking again, from hubby's laptop. My bad, that square's not RED: IT'S ORANGE!!!! LOL!!! Well, it is on THIS screen anyway... ;)

  23. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for the title.
    I will be posting the winner later today.
    You are all so awesome to help me out.