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the indigenous leaflet September 2010

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the indigenous leaflet September 2010

Leaves are turning brilliant shades of colors; kids are back in school; football is on, and indigenous has the stuff to celebrate the start of our favorite season. We have many artful indigenous logoautumn events planned to bring art, you and your friends together; and so many new artists and handmade finds to entice and delight you.
So get out your calendar and plan your autumn outings - start with THIS THURSDAY, September 16, 5 - 8pm for our WINE WALK & BENEFIT! Our Local Harvest celebration raises funds for the Ohio Valley FoodShed Project. So mark it down, text your friends and we'll see you for drinks, treats, and shopping for a great cause!
THIS Thursday...
Wine Walk & Benefit - september 16, 5 to 8 A portion of sales from participating businesses in O'Bryonville will be donated to this local organization
Join your friends and neighbors for a beautiful evening of local food, wines, art and artists, all benefiting a local charity.
Treat yourself to scrumptious vegetarian appetizers by local biz Five Star Foodies and refreshing Kentucky wines all while meeting local mosaic artist Jane Aronhalt and purchasing fabulous finds.
A portion will be donated to the Ohio Valley FoodShed, a local organization that works to develop and strengthen the diversity and accessibility of local foods in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and presents the informative Cincinnati Locavore blog. Pop in to Ten Thousand Villages between 6 and 8 to catch the tunes of local band Foley Road, and check out the other shops along The Eclectic Mile of O'Bryonville. Come enjoy the shopping, the party and the giving!
Jane Aronhalt, artist-in-action
Mosaic artist Jane Aronhalt of Jamestown, Ohio meticulously designs frames, mirrors, and windows with vibrant stained glass tiles, bobbles and bits.
Meet this artist and see her work her magic during our Third Thursday Wine Walk.
exciting & new...
GREAT new work from a few of our FAVORITES! And here are the teasers:

Martha Schewe, bradenton, fl
Wearable license plates?
So what do you do with your old license plates?... That's right, from the bumpers of cars to the bling on your wrist, you'll be the talk of the lot wearing these new cuffed metal bracelets. Cleverly created by famed recycler Martha Schewe, these fashionable bracelets are comfortable (with their soft fabric backing) and cool enough to get attention after dark (with their reflective surface). Enjoy catching everyone's eyes!
Laura Davis, cincinnati, ohdelicious new glazes from local fav, Laura Davis
Another dramatic collection from local ceramic artist, Laura Davis. Her graceful bowls, elegant goblets, and sturdy vessels are enhanced by the way she masterfully manipulates the glazes to create a dynamic interchange on each piece in this new selection. Hurry, they're going fast.
Alina Allreadhandformed roses in many colors~earring, rings, pendants, and more, cincinnati, oh
classic red rose in an adjustable-size ringlovely lavender rose earringsWe just can't keep these lovelies in stock! Come see the newest bouquet delivered by local artist, Alina Allread. These delicate roses are created using polymer clay, each petal sculpted completely by hand and carefully arranged to bloom into a beautiful rose. Her new floral delights include rings, pendants, earrings bracelets, and hair adornments.
Larry Watsonhttp://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6xnnafcab&et=1103680990332&s=582&e=001-DTCCA6cRS5lNTKur-KDZGlkFibZmobcPSe-PWzyYTVQfaH63_mKgS_H-c5f1w9FRDr30vq3E6igGzUpcT1KG0b3tHHoRQSXO8nbgPShvVoN8UMChtT2yXtbhKTLvUa9__tTxoVH9pfv0YyLkdE8Ir0aeDeBATZgl2CpaqI9oRThj9cmLdQLcd95eJu-ocsbfRbJ9O75bFW1Tlq4jcPFm6FRoejmZ6fCz_ORfPRfHpmm7e_Jh_k1SXj2aNvcTyF0pBwwhsb5ei_u24ROL22behYkh9KtV2amCoAt--mZw0M=, alexandria, ky
Waking up isn't so bad if your mug is smiling back at you! Ceramic artist Larry Watson has given us many reasons to chuckle in this new collection of both apple green and Caribbean blue. Plates, mugs, bowls, even salt-n-pepper shakers are ready to add laughter and amusement to your daily dining.
Nawal & Karim Motawihttp://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6xnnafcab&et=1103680990332&s=582&e=001-DTCCA6cRS4GMuqVLa2UWuQYnWn44fk9Eg5sAzkPPJ2HF_mcpZ6XOr-9PDkyD26vy-uMzGq-yALzwfTjNiOOP_Ll-mtnEDKAr9q8bBP_oQ97nVmYnBoIozFRihWQuLIN3QoSNVS3_08Y5qPwzelfOPh0b7XP7t-qtegSke_r68w1Q8fdIBRGntOfxzPXisecF3n7ExvkauuSXvFt5hpQO1emC-0dvj8bQnuHdgcTMvqyi70uAGPyrhSt6x4CjWksbaSaxqAfuBV5xTr1lmQ7Xaui3TM5qT840uGcQ0qM9nE=, ann arbor, mi
Motawi Tileworks does it again! Another must have tile for your arts & crafts or ceramic tile collection. Commissioned for the Robie House centennial celebration, this tile captures the essence of the prairie style architecture instituted by Frank Lloyd Wright in this fab Chicago landmark. Enjoy adding it to your collection or be jealous when others do!
Lucinda MoranProtect This Woman is inscribed on the inside of these bracelets, honoka'a, hi
Although originally from Ohio, who could blame her when an excursion turned into a permanent stay on the beautiful island? Inspired by the vibrant colors and lush landscape of her new home, Lucinda Moran's jewelry employs rich metals and semi-precious with organic embossing and sincere messages.
Steve Sczurhttp://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6xnnafcab&et=1103680990332&s=582&e=001-DTCCA6cRS6gkrdj0toC784IyJ5jwSP_5PwqlQ8JxCfZ7XLQRCMCA92OdY_JJNxR9i4cJWHclGnak4wIr1kExov3Xu3KdzKlmuj_coR61ysFyPT4HUkBRMl9iEl-aEfqRCJ35b0yZeI729zNTw3__i9E1ZAghVWpOsCyYK_VzeYKZTzjrP7VlQh4EpD7p0Q50avMlwsiNbqDRB-w5wglz1K9WltLSIUSOkf2MONoctBCYjKv4c0jYzXog30wwkwa0Tde8RsBAYPhNBv23V4UsZnHUCPRbxDXM5v-pfaaPExMgwlBRTyfWdhfv6Fp2pti, newport, ky yes, it's Jenn's dad!
Remember our feathered friends from Raptor, Inc whooooo visited us during our June Wine Walk? Well, they're coming to see us again during the October Wine Walk! In the meantime, enjoy our newest collection of photographs by Steve Sczur featuring their precious little peepers. His photographs include the fan favorites Sylvester, Thirteen, and Priscilla!
Amy Wallace, cincinnati, ohsimple, new Ovenfried Beads necklaces on neckwires
the classic stacker  beads - always in a new formation!Another favorite of the indigenous fans, Amy Wallace has once again delighted us with her new jewelry design and reminded us why we keep wanting more! These new colorful creations combine the classic stackers with the undulating rhythm of her famous snail beads.
artful happenings...
http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=6xnnafcab&et=1103680990332&s=582&e=001-DTCCA6cRS7toe-QVTON8jnaZPTx0vxfLe6S3Ss6Cx3u3MgXO02JdIMk-4fEBvjDKQsby205RB3JOEvGJFeOu_XykRnUvs1HlZ1SO-zJmim4f7ndXWdBU5tqDIBoN8F1aFI24zbPaugFsjnJKUtQsefy9TN3tWXaxMiKQi9GyvIPH2xjCbKXbLoYUJhT5QQZ1Qd-UkBxrpI-TMvDMHjDmIIFEaWbJJcv1xZ9SDCwuMog0bqz94udIZ4aus5268f18DNFfTGmCrzpFxVBg0XSTIdNmo0XbRGsModern Marbles 2010
The glass collectors and marble fans just keep on coming and thankfully our marble artists have delivered! Our 2nd Modern Marbles Exhibit has been held over for just a few more days to allow everyone more time to gaze, enjoy, shop, and guess ~ how many marbles are in that jar? ...including $300 in artist marbles!? With every marble purchased, you have a chance to win the lot! ps ~we'll start packing marbles this week.
Check out the deals at all of the shops in O'Bryonville!Mark your calendar!
Autumn Sidewalk Sale
October 16 & 17
Find some fabuous deals on great, handmade gifts during our last big sale of the year!
We look forward to seeing you here in O'Bryonville!
Thank you for your continued patronage of indigenous and your support of our artists and their creative endeavors! Your purchase of locally made works help continue the traditon of fine, American crafts.
Let art be part of your nature ~ at indigenous
indigenous, a handcrafted gallery

2010 Madison Road
Cincinati, Ohio 45208
open 7 days a week
Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5
150+ artists exhibiting everyday

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